Heifer International Guatemala

Heifer International in Guatemala has a long history and work to support farm families since 1970.

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Heifer International

Heifer International is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization, based in the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. Promotes projects of rural and urban development around the world.

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Our Strategic Lines of Action

  • Local Economic Development

    This axis strengthens revenue generation at the local level by means of the following:

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  • Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources

    The conservation of the environment and natural resources plays an important role because of its impact and consequences on the lives and welfare of the population

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  • Women Empowerment

    The strength of women in society is able to make changes not only for its own sake but for that of his family and community.

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  • Sustainable Food Systems

    Promoción y fortalecimiento de los conocimientos locales y ancestrales.

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  • Capital Social Development and Advocacy

    Heifer International believes in the training of leaders, groups and initiatives within communities...

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Theory of Change

Heifer International helps to eradicate hunger, poverty and protect the environment. Promotes sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. Strengthen the capacities of small farmers, promotes the development of social capital and empowerment of women to transform VULNERABILITY TO SUSTAINABILITY.


Women Empowerment

Educate women to take leadership roles, family and community involvement.


Increasse Income and Assets

Diversify income sources and increase productive assets


Social Capital 

Fortalecer comunidades organizadas, alianzas, redes y movimientos sociales activos y estratégicos


Food Security and Nutrition

Availability, access and consumption of diverse and nutritious food



Implement agroecological practices and management of Natural resources

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